Prototype Manufacturing by Focus Embedded

Key Points

  • As devices become smaller and faster, it's becoming less and less possible to separate the design and manufacturing functions in engineering.
  • With small, high speed, or extreme low-power devices; manufacturability has to be addressed during the initial prototyping phase.
  • Recognizing the need for quality prototyping, Focus Embedded partnered with eTech-Web to do initial proofs of concept and determine manufacturability early in the design cycle.

Prototype Manufacturing

At Focus Embedded, designing electronic circuits doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  From concept to completion, we’re constantly considering how our product development services can be made to dovetail with the efforts of a contract manufacturer.
And sometimes, that CM is us.
In 2007, at the inception of our company, we began working informally with eTech-Web, a partner in the rapid prototyping contract manufacturing business.  Today, this is a more formal partnership, and we share space with them at our joint R&D facilities.  Our reason for moving in – other than our obvious mutual need for industrial floor and office space – was that we could do design work, PCB purchasing, and components procurement and then tap eTech-Web to do the job of assembly.
As a result, we’re now able to offer our customers complete turnkey prototype design and manufacturing.  Additionally, because we do procurement and eTech-Web does assembly, we can offer prototype manufacturing by itself without any design involved if you don’t need it. Commonly, we also do PCB layout and prototype PCBA building as a turnkey service, meaning you can send us your schematics and get a completed PCBA back with one-stop shopping.  Further, along with our partners we offer both circuit board repair, BGA reballing, and the development of interposer PCB’s to correct footprint and wiring errors on pre-existing PCB’s.
Because this means that we’re effectively in the prototype manufacturing business ourselves, we’re highly cognizant of what makes a manufacturable product and what doesn’t.  And because we have easy access to the manufacturing shop, we get feedback from them early and often, whether it’s information related to standard 0.062” FR4 electronic printed circuit boards or something more exotic like flex or rigid-flex circuitry.  The result is that when we’re doing design work, we’re usually taking at least one prototyping cycle out of the design effort – and totally eliminating any “redesign for manufacturability” effort that might need doing after the fact.
But if you’d just like to have us do your prototype assembly, we can certainly do as much or as little of that as you wish.
Yes, Focus Embedded has always done and will always do design work.
But now we do a whole lot more.