Pilot Production -- Without a Hitch

Key Points

  • Even with the best design, it's handy to have the design engineer in close contact with the manufacturer when production starts.
  • With good design, there aren't that many surprises in a first production run. But when you go from qty=5 to qty=500, a few little things will inevitably show up.
  • If you're caught up in selling and marketing your new product, it can be immensely helpful to be able to outsource first production until you're ready to take on one more problem yourself.

Pilot Production

One of the toughest problems for a startup company with its first product is getting from a proof of concept and a prototype to a real pilot production run.  There’s quite a lot to know about PCB manufacturing and assembly, and as experienced PCB designers, we know quite a lot. But on those very first volume runs of a product, issues are bound to arise.  That’s when it’s handy to have the both the circuit design and PCB design engineer on hand resolving questions, taking notes, and writing instructions for the assemblers based on their feedback.  Nothing so tests a design’s manufacturability as its first trip down an assembly line in “quantity = 500.”
For this reason, in addition to prototype manufacturing services, Focus Embedded can make your life easier by handling the printed circuit board assembly done on your pilot production run.
We’ve partnered with several bare printed circuit board fabrication businesses, and we share our office spae with eTech-Web, a pre-eminent printed circuit board assembly service. The result is that we can get you through that all-important first production run.  After one or two passes, or as quantities start to creep up into the thousands, we’re likely to have every question a manufacturer could ask resolved; and at that point, we can point you to any of a number of competent “high volume” assembly shops – or hand off materials to your manufacturer of choice.
But if you’re completely new to the business of electronics manufacture, we can buy you the breathing room to market and sell your product – and perhaps get that all-important “first mover advantage” in your market space – without having to worry about where your product is coming from.
We want to see you succeed, and if navigating the waters of pilot production is getting in the way of something more important in your business model, Focus Embedded can take that problem off your plate until you’re ready to deal with it.