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Focus Embedded Location

Focus Embedded is physically located at:

33 Cypress Blvd., Suite 400
Round Rock, TX  78665.

Our offices are just east of I-35 exit 256, which is marked as both “University Blvd” and “Ranch-to-Market Road 1431.”  Several of the exit signs also say either “Cedar Park” or “To Higher Education Campuses.”

Upon exiting I-35, if you’re heading the correct direction (eastbound on University Blvd.), you’ll pass a large shopping center with a giant Ikea furniture store on your right.  After going through two traffic lights on University, you’ll pass a Walgreen’s Drug and a McDonald’s Restaurant (which will be also on your right) and Scott and White Hospital (which will be on your left).  After passing McDonald's, Cypress Blvd. will come up quickly (about 100 yards) on your right.  If you miss the turn for Cypress, you’ll come to a third traffic light (where there’ll be a CVS Pharmacy and a gas station on diagonally opposing corners, and that’ll be your indication you’ve gone about half a mile too far on University.

Our facility on Cypress Blvd. is in the industrial space that’s the first driveway on your right (about 300 yards up the road) after you’ve made the right turn off University.  You can look for our sign or that of eTech-Web (our next door neighbors), since we’re in adjacent units in the park and share common areas between our two companies.

Getting In:

Entrance to our facility is actually through the eTech-Web side of our shared suites, and it’ll be their receptionist who greets you and points you in the proper direction down the hall to our offices.  For insurance liability reasons (eTech-Web is a manufacturing facility) the front door is usually locked; but there’s an intercom and somebody can buzz you in if the receptionist hasn’t already seen you coming and unlocked the door for you.

Getting to us by Air:

Our offices and labs at Cypress Blvd. are approximately 30 miles north of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, 18 miles north-northwest of Austin Executive Airport, and 11 miles due south of Georgetown Municipal Airport.  Directions from the three airports can be found easily using Google Maps and the link above.

Travel times posted by Google are reasonably accurate, but we advise adding approximately 30-40 minutes additional travel time to ABIA and 20 minutes to the other two airports during morning and evening rush hours. (I-35 can get particularly nasty for southbound traffic once you get south of about exit 250 during the rush.)  For those not renting cars at ABIA, we recommend Super Shuttle.  If staying in Austin for any period of time over three days, it’s probably also quite a bit cheaper to rent a car off the airport grounds.  We recommend renting a cab or using Super Shuttle to reach Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Research Blvd.

Returning to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the last gas station at which you can easily (and relatively inexpensively) refill your rental car’s gas tank is a Valero station at the intersection of Bastrop Highway (which is the last road you're on before turning off for the airport terminal) and Thornberry Road. This intersection is right after you pass "The Parking Spot" and just before you reach the turnoff for air cargo services. The Valero station is on the left, and you'll have to make the left onto Thornberry to reach it.

Those traveling by private plane are advised to use KGTU or KEDC and avoid KAUS.  The same FBO and A&P services are available at both KGTU and KEDC as at KAUS, and prices on both 100LL and Jet-A fuels are about a dollar a gallon cheaper on average at the two smaller airports.  Nobody at KAUS will be offended if you don’t land your Cessna 172 there.  They have enough heavy metal to deal with already, and as much as they’re wonderful people who’d warmly welcome you to Austin, their controllers would probably rather not have you in the same pattern as a 757.  They’re quite happy to see GA go elsewhere, and their FBO’s price their fuel to send you that message rather strongly.

Getting Downtown and Going to the Races

Travel time to and from downtown Austin is approximately 40 minutes, and if time is of the essence, we recommend avoiding I-35 south of exit 250 and taking the Loop One (Mopac) toll road that loops around the west side of the city.  We recommend against using Loop One to reach Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.  US183, an exit off I-35, is by far the best path to the commercial airline terminals.

Travel time to the Circuit of the Americas / Formula One United States racetrack (and their executive conference center) is about 40 minutes down I-35 and then to the racetrack via a combination of SH45 and SH130 (both toll roads).

Shipping to Us via Private Carriers:

Shipments to our facility via UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. may be made to our Cypress Blvd. address.  Personnel are on hand during regular business hours Monday-Friday and frequently (but not always) on Saturday mornings. (Please call ahead to arrange a Saturday delivery.)  Focus Embedded is closed on Sunday.  Because we share our loading dock with our contract manufacturing partner, eTech-Web, it can be helpful to put eTech-Web’s name below ours on any mailing label.  Being a CM, eTech-Web moves a lot more raw material than we do, and the package truck drivers tend to know that dock by their name more than by ours.  We know everybody at eTech-Web, and they know all of us, so with both our names on packages, it’s guaranteed to get where it needs to go.

Shipments and correspondences via USPS may be sent to:

Focus Embedded
PO Box 270096
Austin, TX  78727

Our location on the web is: