Integrated System Design by Focus Embedded

Key Points

  • Most failed projects were doomed on the first day, when somebody defined the problem incorrectly.
  • Black boxes are great, except when you miss a subtle point about what's in them.
  • The really hard problems are solved with old-school math first and newfangled technology second.

Integrated System and Product Design

Successful new product design and development often depends as much on knowing what problem you’re solving as it does on how to implement the solution.  You can be an outstanding software development company, control systems engineering consultant, FPGA developer, or embedded systems design service provider; but if you’re coming up with the wrong solution to a misunderstood challenge, all the technical skill on the planet isn’t going to stop you from designing something the market doesn’t want or that doesn’t even go together correctly when all the pieces are assembled.
On the flip side, beyond a certain point a high level “black box” approach that ignores the details of implementing a design at the deeply embedded systems level will result in many critical design criteria being ignored.  And the result may also be a design where manufacturability hasn’t been considered at all, which can be a nail in an economic coffin when it finally comes time to make and sell your product.
Usually when we inherit an electrical engineering or embedded systems project that’s floundering and we have to put it back on track, it’s reached the point of trouble via one of three paths.  Sometimes a “systems integrator” with limited experience looking into the internals of the systems he’s integrating has missed key points about how they’ll really play together. Sometimes somebody who may be familiar with the implementation of parts of a design at circuit level hasn’t seen the bigger picture as far as how they all go together.  (This is the classic “blind men and the elephant scenario.)  And sometimes somebody’s overlooked some critical detail of physics or mathematics that has less to do with the reduction of a concept to practice via the electronic circuits than it does with the algorithm or formula behind it all.
When you need your entire system to run properly and can’t afford to leave its proper functioning to chance, you owe it to yourself to find a product development consulting company like Focus Embedded.  We can do the math up front, outline the major components of the system with the knowledge that comes with having spent time looking inside black boxes, and then finish the job with computer engineering, control systems engineering, instrumentation design, hardware design, software design, and overall embedded product design done right.
Getting things in Focus will get you from concept to reality.