Government, Military, and Aerospace Design

Key Points

  • When you're 11 miles high, moving 19 miles a minute, reliability counts.
  • Predictability and repeatability matter enormously in military and aerospace applications, since in few other places is the cost of being wrong so high.
  • In military and aerospace applications, hostile environments are frequently part of the engineering system and need to be modeled as such from the beginning.
  • You can't design in reliability after the fact in 99.9% of all cases.

Government, Aerospace, and Defense Design

At a speed of Mach 1.6 and an altitude of 60,000 feet AGL,  “Abort, Retry, Fail?” doesn’t cut it.  And when an enemy missile is incoming, nobody wants to see the message, “A system error has occurred.  Okay?”
No, it’s not okay.
Focus Embedded lives (and thrives) in the very demanding world of embedded electronics – where deadlines can be quite hard and the penalties for missing them absolutely fatal – for the reason that we never “abstract away” a fundamental problem until we’re sure we’ve mastered it at its lowest level.  Whether it’s designing an FPGA, working through an exercise in signals intelligence (SIGINT), figuring the best way to implement avionics or biometrics, reducing a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) to practice or otherwise developing a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm, coming up with a telemetry system, or readying our troops for electronic warfare; Focus Embedded understands the importance of identifying what the system on the drawing board has to do in the real world.  We’re not a middleman in the business of subcontracting.  This is where the buck stops.  We’re the guys who really do the work.
We’ve tackled the design of everything from switchmode power supplies for VME chassis’ to advanced high speed data acquisition systems for high-resolution remote video to VITA-57 mezzanine cards for advanced FPGA prototyping systems. Whether it’s SATCOM and it’s somewhere in orbit, it’s sonar and it’s somewhere under the oceans, or it’s the controller for a tank transmission and it’s in the most hostile environment you can find right here on terra firma; we’ve probably worked on it or something like it.
When you can’t leave anything to chance, you owe it to yourself to drop us a line and tell us about your design requirements.  Before you’re done looking over our offerings, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that if it requires mission-critical electronics, it requires a Focused effort.