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We're Curious.

Our headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.Our headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.
And not only has curiosity not killed us, it's put the life in our life's work.

Somewhere in each of us, and somewhere in each of the friends we call "clients" curiosity burns.  There's a passion to do that which is new and bold. There's some internal drive far stronger than the allure of money or public accolade that drives us to explore.

In 2007, a group of friends and curious adventurers with decades of experience in the world of applied science banded together to begin a bold voyage. During our careers, each of us had worked on projects that were more than a natural evolution of a pre-existing technology. Often, our backs were against a wall and taking a radical gamble was the only option. We estimated the odds, decided how to manage the risks, and concluded that not to risk was the poorest option, since the only outcome would be unrealized possibilities.

Every student of engineering, physics, and math who calculated how to get the Saturn V rocket off the pad and on its way to the moon was once a child pressing the ignition button on a model rocket. Every child with those aspirations who channeled them skyward learned self-discipline as he grew: the passion of youth craves the focus of maturity.

At Focus Embedded, every project offers something new and fresh. We have the tools and experience to meet the unexpected, the eyes to see it clearly, and the ardor that drives a venture into uncharted waters. We're blessed to sail with clients who dare to travel out of sight of land, and find joy in the unknown.

Curiosity never killed anybody.